Topsy Turkey/Choice Chicken

Get Ready To Experience Your Best Bird!

Incredibly moist white meat


The Topsy Turkey/Choice Chicken Roasting frame came about after Inventor/Entrepreneur, Janet Rickstrew decided to eat healthier, but was frustrated that the healthiest part of turkey and chicken—the white meat—was often dry and not very tasty. She tested cooking birds with the breast down, instead of up, letting the juices flow into the meat rather than out of it. Needless to say, the results were dramatic, so she designed and patented a frame that holds the bird in the right position for ideal grilling and roasting.

We're Flippin' the Bird vs. the Traditional Way of Cooking Whole Turkeys and Chicken!

When poultry is cooked the traditional way, on its back, gravity is pulling moisture OUT of the breast meat, thus the consistent issue of dry white meat.

Because the majority of fat and juices are located on the lower back of the bird as well as in the dark meat, our frame now puts that on the top. This allows for self-basting throughout the entire cooking process. Now moisture is dropping down INTO the breast meat, saturating it with juices.

Get ready to experience your best bird!

Because the goal is to always create a better meal…

A Healthier Way of Cooking

When cooking with our frame the bird is lifted out of the grease. No more unhealthy greasy fat.

A Quicker Cook

Cooks faster as air flow is allowed to circulate. 10-20 minutes faster on average.

It's Superior

It's a better way to cook poultry. Everyone knows moist meat just tastes better.


Saves money by allowing you to purchase a whole chicken.
($3 per meal on average)

It's Easier

A self-basting method! Saves you time and energy.

How does it work!

Our exclusive roasting frame is for cooking whole chickens and turkeys as well as whole turkey breasts. There is no other product like it. Our patented teardrop design holds the poultry “upside down” at an angle. The approximate 20° angle is key as the juices and fat on the lower back of the bird are now positioned on top to allow for self- basting INTERNALLY which is the secret to juicy, moist white meat. Once you taste white meat cooked at this perfect angle, we think you will agree that there’s no going back to flat on its back!

For best tasting results, cook chicken and turkey to 165°F but do NOT exceed. This helps ensure juicy white meat.

If you’re not using a meat thermometer, you are just guessing!

What people are saying

"Topsy Turkey has raised the bar for Thanksgiving dinner. The white meat is so moist that it now gets equal billing with dark meat on the first plate!"
Jeff Whitlock
Retired - "Appreciates wife’s cooking"
"Wow! I've never had such moist white meat. I've now used for both chicken and turkey and I love the end result. This has made me more cooking confident! Thank you!"
Jacqueline Espinoza
School Administrator - "Once a month cook"
"If you want to smoke a whole bird, this is the only way to go. My results have been perfect; tender, flavorful and juicy. It just makes so much sense. I'll never smoke a whole bird without it."
Tim George
Graphic Designer - "Meat enthusiast"

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